Lilou, who was a part of Madonna’s MDNA world tour, had once famously said, “Madonna should not stop dancing.”

Lilou (R) with Madonna at the MDNA tour (Image: Twitter)

The tour itself, which featured Lilou and his Pockemon Crew, was educational for Lilou. “I learnt to be more professional because when you work with your friends or people you know, it’s very different from working in a big US production, with the timelines and so on. I also learnt that these productions are maybe not for me,” Lilou tells us.

He surprised us when he revealed his favourite dance tracks to which he grooves the best. “The SOS band, which is a disco group from the ’80s, was what my brother was listening to when I was young. The other one is Tupac Shakur, because for me he is the best rapper ever, and I love listening to his tracks,” said Lilou.

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