To Pit or not to Pit

Tony Villanueava has responded to a question by a fan on his Instagram whether or not there would be another pit/golden triangle during the show. He responded by saying: ‘Pit. It could be a Pit OR it might be something better !’ Every fan that was able to experience the show from the Golden Triangle…

Madonna: On Screen brand new book by Chris Wade focuses on her film career (see cover)

Tired of reading the same old (non-accurate) biographies on Madonna? Want something new and original? Finally there’s a brand new book for you to collect, this one is all about her film career in 122 pages: Madonna On Screen.

Madonna: On Screen is written by Chris Wade, he discusses all the movies she’s starred in and/or directed. The book contains pictures, info and an interview with Desperately Seeking Susan writer Leora Barish.

Stay tuned for an exclusive closer look at the book soon, there’s also a Q&A coming up with the author!

If you do not wish to wait for the book preview (and review) and are ready to order please click HERE

For more information, this is the full press release:

25 Years Ago: Madonna Gets Dangerous – inside Madonna’s infamous MTV VMA Vogue performance

Often recalled as the “Marie Antoinette” performance, Madonna’s game-changing 1990 rendition of her hit “Vogue” was based on the film Dangerous Liaisons, with Madge donning Michelle Pfeiffer’s actual dress from the movie. Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez, both of whom danced on Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” tour and choreographed and danced in the original “Vogue” video…

Important info regarding Live Nation customer support

Fans have been reporting that Live Nation doesn’t offer customer support anymore regarding Madonna merchandise. Fans have e-mailed Live Nation and have all received the same reply back: ..’Thank you for your email. We do apologize for any confusion; however we no longer provide the customer service for the Madonna Fan Club. If your questions…