By Gavin Edwards
March 15, 2014 11:30 AM ET

The March 23rd, 1989, edition of Rolling Stone (issue Number 548) was a college-themed issue that featured articles on turmoil at Gallaudet University and physics professors studying baseball. (Not to mention El Salvador politics, AIDS, and the Master Musicians of Joujouka.) Ten other highlights:

30 Years Ago in Rolling Stone: Rise of the Police, End of the Clash

1. Madonna smells Prince
In Bill Zehme’s cover story on Madonna, she discusses Catholicism, her split from Sean Penn, her endorsement deal with Pepsi (her “Like a Prayer” video would end up scotching that), and a certain genius from Minneapolis. (Read the full story here.) “Ever since I’ve known Prince, I’ve attached a smell to him, which is lavender,” Madonna said. “He reeks of it.”

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