Filmography presents: Madonna as Nikki Finn in Who’s That Girl (1987) – tons of rare memorabilia, press articles, videos & much more!

New in our Filmography, going back to October 1986 when Madonna started filming ‘Slammer’ later to be retitled to ‘Who’s That Girl’ as Nikki Finn. To this day, Who’s That Girl remains one of Madonna’s most well known movies. Even though at the time it wasn’t a big hit at the box office, it is…

Madonna: On Screen brand new book by Chris Wade focuses on her film career (see cover)

Tired of reading the same old (non-accurate) biographies on Madonna? Want something new and original? Finally there’s a brand new book for you to collect, this one is all about her film career in 122 pages: Madonna On Screen.

Madonna: On Screen is written by Chris Wade, he discusses all the movies she’s starred in and/or directed. The book contains pictures, info and an interview with Desperately Seeking Susan writer Leora Barish.

Stay tuned for an exclusive closer look at the book soon, there’s also a Q&A coming up with the author!

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