Shop this t-shirt now at the American Eagles Outfitters Store, based on an original Blond Ambition Tour shirt.

The Details

Strike a pose.
  • Lightweight cotton
  • Cutout neckline
  • Madonna graphic
  • Raw edge sleeves, hem
  • Style: 0309-8750 | Color: 100

Materials & Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Imported

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Blond Ambition Tour memorabilia added!

To continue our big Blond Ambition Tour update; we have added more items to the memorabilia section as well such as various official (backstage) passes, instore promotions and this item I’d like to direct your attention to. This is the French inhouse VHS belonging to Tele7 containing the full show as recorded in Barcelona, for…

The time Toronto Police nearly arrested Madonna

TORONTO – Few people tell Madonna what to do, but Toronto police certainly tried. It all came to a boil nearly 26 years ago — on May 29, 1990 — at the third and final Toronto show of the “Blond Ambition World Tour.” Friction between the pop singer and local police had captured global headlines and Supt.…