Madonna has ordered two custom-made ‘trajes de luces’ from a Spanish tailor for her upcoming tour ignoring critics accusing her glamourizing bull fighting, and yes, she has also ordered a cape…

A tailor in the northern Spanish region of Zaragoza has made two “complete” trajes de luces for Madonna to wear during her upcoming Rebel Heart tour, as well as a cape and various items of matador related clothing for the singer’s backing dancers.

The tailoring company, run by Alfredo Roqueta, was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement and had to make some unique alternations to the traditional bullfighter’s costume for the pop megastar.

Shunning the religious imagery usually associated with the suits, the pop star requested a giant M in place of the customary Jesus or Mary embroidered into the bullfighter’s costume.

The pop star, who has been embracing a bullfighting theme throughout her performances of material from her new album, will play Barcelona in November as part of her 35-date Rebel Heart tour.

Animal rights activists were quick to accuse Madonna of “glamourizing gore“, with PETA UK director, Mimi Bekhechi telling The Local that “Madonna has clearly lost her footing with outfit choices for her tour.”

“If Madonna wants to ingratiate herself to audiences she might consider choreography that reflects something less offensive than imitating a bloody spectacle where an exhausted animal is speared stabbed and weakened until finally, its spine is severed with a dagger,” Bekhechi told The Local.

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