Devil Pray added to German radio

Madonna’s Devil Pray has been added to German radio and has gained some airplay in the past few days. No confirmation at the moment whether or not this is the official new single in Germany.

Meanwhile check out the Dirty Pop remix to Devil Pray


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Madonna inĀ “A League of Their Own” in 1992. Columbia Pictures/PhotoFest Aug. 8, 1992 Olympic memories: Madonna‘s lush ballad “This Used to Be My Playground,” from the Olympics-themed 1992 album Barcelona Gold, finished first on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is also beloved via another sports-related tie-in: as the theme to the hit baseball film…


Watch Madonna live for free

Why settle on spending thousands of your hard-earned money for Madonnaā€™s Rebel Heart concert next year when you can be among the first to catch the Queen of Pop conquer the stage again this October. It will be an an all-expense paid trip for two in Las Vegas. As a new and value packed treat…