The mega record and cd fair in Utrecht has been heaven for collectors worldwide since the 90’s, Madonna is always present in the form of displays, vinyl and promo goodies.

However today was a different story. We left the fair disappointed and extremely early due to the fact that even though M has just released a new album, it was kind of hard to find a nice Madonna goodie among the many ‘heavy metal’ and ’60’s’ sellers. To our disappointment many of the Madonna records that were there, were unofficial (picture disc) vinyl pressings, containing live shows or other material. The really rare and official stuff was much harder to find.

Unfortunately we were told by various sellers at the record fair that they did bring nice goodies (such as the Celebration promo box) but that they all sold their goodies to another dealer from France, who resold the stuff for a much higher price (bad news for the regular visitor and collectors that try and find a good deal).

The only interesting merchandise we stumbled upon was a range of unreleased The English Roses jewelry. A whole set of merchandise was created for The English Roses (Madonna’s first ever childrens’ book) but was never approved and therefore never sold in stores. This is an example of a bracelet in the line.

The next record fair is in November, hopefully sellers have brought a bit more Madonna and hopefully it will be sold to fans, and not to other dealers this time