Even though I have been visiting the record fair in Utrecht since the early 90’s, it seems like it has never been more popular than it is now. I remember a time when the amount of visitors was declining and more and more empty spaces would turn up at the fair. However it seems that those days are gone as it looked like the biggest turn out ever! In fact it was so crowded that people (grown men to be exact) were actually fighting with each other when gaining entrance. You could compare it to queuing at a Madonna show, a lot of pushing and shoving!

So many dealers from all over the world brought along some excellent Madonna gear. Unfortunately still too many bootleg vinyls around (and they just keep on coming), dealers please do us collectors a favour and focus on the real collectible items! The fair is open again tomorrow from 10-17, for more info visit www.recordplanet.nl

We managed to find a lot of very rare Madonna goodies and brought it home. Here is an example of what I bought (stay tuned for HQ scans of all of the items in our discography soon).

  • MADONNA – CD West Germany (silver CD, not the target version)
  • Like a Virgin – Germany mispressed disc
  • de baile – Spanish compilation PROMO from ’83 including ‘Everybody’ 
  • Express Yourself – Brazil PROMO 12″
  • Live To Tell – Italy 12″
  • Hanky Panky – UK 12″
  • American Life – Swedish sales presenter
  • Who’s That Girl – Bolivia LP
  • Live To Tell – Canada 12″
  • Like a Prayer – UK sales presenter with biography and promotional vinyl record
  • Like a Virgin – Sales Presenter (MEGA RARE)
  • Like a Prayer – Israel test pressing LP (MEGA RARE)
  • Like a Prayer (France 7″), Vogue (UK 7″), Crazy For You (Spain 7″)