Fifteen years ago today American Life the lead single from the album with the same title was released digitally. Written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais this was a controversial single from the start due to Madonna’s religious and political views. Unfortunately Madonna withdrew the original fantastic music video directed by Jonas Akerlund as she felt it was not fit to release it at the time due to the war. A second much less interesting music video was released to promote the track, featuring Madonna and a whole lot of flags from around the world.

The song premiered in Holland on Radio 538 and it was the first time the song could be heard in full including Madonna’s rap. A previous version that leaked did not include the rap and the ‘f**k it’ parts were censored. Views on the song were mixed. Madonna performed the track during the promotional tour for the album, the Re-Invention Tour and Tears of a Clown in Miami (2016).

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