Madonna and Empire’s Terrence Howard explore an apocalyptic city in her new music video for Ghosttown which premiered on Wednesday.

In the visually stunning production the duo play survivors after a nuclear explosion, surrounded by scenes of destruction, who eventually meet when 46-year-old Howard’s character spots the lone woman and hunts her down.

While the track from Madonna’s album Rebel Heart is very catchy, the video has a dark and sombre tone.


Madonna is seen in vampy getup consisting of fishnet stockings, a ripped white shirt, waistcoat and long green velvet coat.

The 56-year-old wears smokey eye make-up and her long blonde locks appear slightly disheveled and dirty as she lies on a bed in a rundown house.

She sings: ‘Facing the darkest days, Everyone ran away, But we’re gonna stay here, we’re gonna stay here’ and the catchy hook: ‘When it all falls, when it all falls down, We’ll be two souls in a ghost town’

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