Now you can buy the newsstand edition of the latest MOJO magazine direct, featuring an exclusive audience with the legend that is Madonna. From the early ’80s New York club scene to global megastardom today, the Queen Of Pop looks back at a life in music. Meanwhile, our hand-compiled free CD, Change The Beat, showcases influential punk-funk and alt-disco from Arthur Russell, ESG, 23 Skidoo, Curtis Mayfield, Funkadelic and more. With Dylan’s new Sinatra covers album reviewed elsewhere in the issue, we also present an in-depth celebration of Bob’s 20 best cover versions. Then there’s Ronnie Spector on breaking free from Phil; David Johansen on punk, junk and The New York Dolls; Sleater-Kinney, The Go-Betweens and Hozier. Plus! The Exploited destroy Top Of The Pops!
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