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GEARHOUSE KEEPS REBEL HEART PUMPING FOR MADONNA TOUR press release (on Rebel Heart Tour DVD recording)

Full production and OB facilities provided for live tour stops in Sydney Watford, UK, 4 August 2016 – Following its success implementing facilities for a recent live Taylor Swift concert, Gearhouse Broadcast has been selected by York Studios in Melbourne to provide live music and OB production facilities for Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour concert at…


Twentyfive years after Madonna: Truth or Dare

Twenty-five years after Madonna: Truth or Dare‘s original theatrical run, its ostensible subject—Madonna’s worldwide Blond Ambition tour—is now one of its least interesting aspects. It was easy to recognize the tour, which premiered during the waning days of Tipper Gore’s war against the music industry, as a deliberate provocation, a salacious mix of Catholic imagery…