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Fans pumped for Madonna’s NZ debut

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour is set for two Auckland shows in March next year though demand could see more dates added. Kiwi Madonna fans are paying thousands of dollars to make sure they don’t miss out on the first, and possibly only, time the Material Girl plays New Zealand. A frenzy is expected at 10am…


Dear Madonna: Why you should never change

Dear Madonna, I owe you an apology. For several weeks I’ve been thinking of writing you an open letter and, until the moment I wrote it, I was going to ask you to change. Your wardrobe, videos and words linked to the latest “Rebel Heart” tour have attracted negative criticism, and I almost joined the…


Read a personal live report on the Live8 experience here

Yes it’s been ten years since Madonna wowed the crowd in Hyde Park for Live8 on July 2, 2005 in London. Madonna performed an amazing set with one of the longest encores ever (Music). A legendary performance to this day… all about the live experience in our Live Reports section by Kimberly. A detailed report…


Philippines, are you ready for Madonna?

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) – Yes, you read that right – the Material Girl will turn Manila into a material world early next year. A source told CNN Philippines Digital early Thursday (July 2) that promoters of Madonna’s highly-anticipated ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ have included Manila in the concert’s Australia and Asia legs. The one and…