Madonna’s fifth movie turns 30 this year!

The 80s gave us so many movies that have now become our ‘go to’ comfort films. You know the ones… It’s Sunday afternoon, you’re scrolling through the channels, it’s all Keeping Up Appearances and Country File (note to self, set TiVo for Hyacinth) and then you see it: The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, you stop scrolling and settle in.

For me that movie will always be Who’s That Girl starring Madonna…wait, hear me out!

Here are 10 reasons why Who’s That Girl deserves the props it never got.

 1. Madonna’s plays a gun-toting, shoplifting, reckless driving, wise-cracking loveable bad-ass with great lipstick (“Fire Engine Red… can’t get that shade a red anymore!”)

 2. It’s a classic 80’s comedy romp format that’s all set within a 24hr period, no boring bits, every scene is a winner.

 3. The cast is brilliant, Madonna as Nikki Finn stars alongside the brilliant Griffin Dunne, John Martin and the late Sir John Mills. There’s even a brief appearance by a young Stanley Tucci.

 4. The soundtrack is 80’s-tastic with Madonna singing four of the songs on the album – the title track Who’s That Girl, Causing A Commotion, The Look of Love and the brilliant, but lesser-known, Can’t Stop.

5. Madonna’s outfits are brilliant, her hair is iconically outstanding, her accessories are great –  including a Rolls Royce which she destroys between the start and end of the movie.

6. Alongside Griffin Dunne, Madonna co-stars with a chicken McNugget-eating Cougar, an actual big cat, not an older woman that likes young men…Yes I see the irony!

7. The gags are hilariously immature…

Nurse: What’s your husband’s name?  (it’s not her husband)

Madonna: Loudon.

Nurse: And his last name?

Madonna: (with blank look) Clear.


8. The movie starts off with Madonna in jail…now you know how we all love a women’s prison. Please note she was not remanded for her previous movie Shanghai Surprise.

9. Madonna’s comic timing is perfection – please see the co-op apartment scene, the gun buying scene, the present showing party….please see the entire movie.

10. The movie starts with a cartoon of Madonna…I repeat the movie starts with a cartoon of Madonna

Words Scott Anderson

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